Sunday Evening Schedule

Reveille UMC

Revised Sunday Evening Schedule
Reveille has made adjustments to the Sunday evening schedule for children's activities based on feedback from the music ministry team.  Please review the revised schedule below. Youth Instrumental Ensemble (4:00 pm) and Youth Bells (4:20 pm) will meet weekly. The ministry schedule will begin at 4:45 pm and end at 7:00 pm for all other children and youth choirs. 

In addition, Sunday evening supper will be served to children and youth (cost is $3). Make payments

Sunday Evening Schedule
September – May

4:30-6:30 Adult study opportunities | Adult Class Information and Registration
Children and Youth Evening Schedule (September 2018-May 
4:00 pm
Instrumental Ensemble
4:20 pm
Youth Handbells
4:45 pm
High School Choir (Choir Room)
Middle School Youth Group (Youth Center)
Elementary Choir script rehearsals when needed (Chapel)
5:00 pm
Elementary Bells (Sanctuary)
Primary Choir (Chapel)
Cherub Choir (Room 106)
5:15 pm
Cherub Choir Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
5:40 pm
High School Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Middle School Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
5:45 pm
Elementary Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Primary Bells (Sanctuary)
Cherub Choir (Chapel)
6:05 pm
Middle School Choir (Choir Room)
High School Youth Group (Youth Center)
6:15 pm
Elementary Choir (Chapel)
Primary Choir Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Cherub Choir Playtime (Room 106)
7:00 pm Everyone goes home
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Payments for Children and Youth Sunday Evening Supper

Questions about the schedule?
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Director of Children's Ministries

Director of Music Ministries
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Director of Youth Ministries