Reveille UMC
Reveille UMC offers many opportunities for you to grow in your faith through study. Our upcoming adult classes are listed below. For more information, contact Kelley Lane, Minister of Adult Ministries.

Upcoming Adult Programs

Except where noted, all classes are offered free of charge
and child care is available for ages four and under. Register

Women's Summer Bible Study

7:00 pm Wednesdays | June 26-August 7 | Welcome Center
Listening Well: Hearing Women’s Stories in the Bible through the writings of Women Scholars and Critics
Women of all ages, including high school students, are invited to an intergenerational Bible study. Over the summer, we will look take an in-depth look at the Biblical stories of seven women in scripture including: Eve, Sarah, Rachel, Miriam, Hannah, Ruth, and Esther. Each week is independent from another, so it is okay to miss a week. The main reading will be the Bible narratives in which these women’s stories are told. We will use articles and books written by women scholars and critics as our starting point for discussion. Please join us for dinner before the class at 5:45 pm each week at Ellwood Thompson’s in Carytown. Discussion will begin at 7:00 pm in the welcome center at Reveille. For more information, contact Kelley Lane. Register today

Balance Class for Seniors

Class is full but may be offered in the fall of  2019
This award-winning program consisting of eight two-hour sessions designed to help adults age 60+ to reduce their fear of falling. The class consists of group discussions, problem-solving strategies,  and increasing physical activity levels. 

Join a Connect Group | Study, Serve, Pray, Care
Connect groups link members to one another, the world, and God. They may include Sunday school classes, covenant groups, and Bible studies. Groups may meet at Reveille, in a coffee shop, in a home, or any place the group selects. Each connect group is made up of four essential components:
Bible Study, Prayer, Service, and Care 
If you are already part of a connect group through a Sunday school class or Bible study, consider exploring another group or expanding your current group to offer more opportunities to study, pray, serve, and care together. For more information, please contact Rev. Kelley Lane
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