Dance Classes

Reveille UMC

Dance Classes

Gain harmony and balance, and integrate the mind, body and spirit through Sacred Circle and Liturgical Dances. They are simple, gentle dances that have ancient roots in music and dance from around the world. 

Class Dates
Classes are on Wednesdays the following dates: 
March 13, April 10, and May 8.

Sacred Circle Dance Classes
3:15-4:15 pm | Youth Center
Join Tammy Tipton-Nay in learning meditative, healing dances from around the world the second Wednesday, November-May.

Liturgical Dance
4:30-5:15 pm | Youth Center
Learn interpretive movements praising God in worship. This class is for children, third grade and up, the second Wednesday, November-May.

For more information about dance classes, contact Tammy Tipton-Nay